The Penta i Model

So, why do we need a coaching model? And what is “Penta i”?

Well, in my experience as a coach and coachee, there’s a different quality to our approach and more energy when we look at life with a positive attitude. That is, no matter how hard and complex things look at any given moment, a positive perspective helps. In fact, having a sense of hope and a curiosity to find out what’s working for us, what are the gifts and opportunities laying can be a great support in living the life we want to live.

Therefore, to provide structure and accountability, Coaching for me developed the Penta i model. This coaching model offers a way to bring in and take that positive attitude to the coaching process. As you will see, it aims at providing some clarity but is not restrictive at all. It’s all about you and each session will be tailored to what you want. In short, the model adapts to you, not the other way around.

To learn all about the Penta i Model, download overview here

Shall we take the next step?

If you are interested, drop a note and we’ll figure out what’s the best way to move forward.