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Here are some nice and free goodies for you. Have a look at what would be the most useful for what you are looking for. You are welcome to use them to your benefit in getting the life you want. 


Find out if coaching is for you, what to expect and what is the Coaching for Me approach.

Is coaching right for me?

Find out for yourself if it would benefit you now.  


What to Expect?

Learn about the approach, number of sessions and options


Coaching Model

Designed for structure with flexiblity.



Experiment with different tools such as quizzes, lists and how-to guides to support you in your journey. Whether you want more awareness, to make a decision or make significant changes in your life, there’s something here for you. 

How to give and receive feebdack

10 steps to solving conflict


Explore different topics that are critical to having a fulfilled life, making decisions or simply getting to know yourself better.


You become a guest or a full-time member of another group. And this experience changes you at many different levels, sometimes in a more direct and obvious manner, sometimes in subtle, unconscious ways. It’s the so-called acculturation, a phenomenon studied by Psychology, Sociology or Anthropology depending on the perspective and groups being considered (humans, couples, religions, societies…)

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See our guest post at the International Coach Association: Coach like a child: the power of curiosity. 


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